Mikko Pere

How did I become a pleased owner of a Hehku?

My story begins close to the birth of Hehku Customs. The previous amplifier I owned before Hehku was a Real Tube nro. 17, which I recall purchasing in 1997. Tube was a well-functioning and good machine, but I felt I needed a change and new features. The last straw was the Dangerbird Custom-Telecaster axe I got made around that time, since I didn’t think it was a good fit with my Real Tube like my previous Gibson Flying-V had been. A friend of mine was in the process of getting his own Hehku custom-made and he got me very excited about it. It was time to commission my very own Hehku Bizon 15.

My Hehku lives up to its name perfectly. The combo has two completely separate routes; 12AX7 and EF86, which I control with a pedalboard. The EF86 is for my Telecaster and the other takes orders from a baritone guitar and lap steel.  It also has two 10-inch elements. Through this, we managed to get more surface area for the amplifier and hence, the sound is more powerful. On top of that I got a separate amplifier under it with a 12-inch element. The sound in that is a bit subtler, so it supports Combo’s world of sound well and adds on to it. I’m known as “Härkä (The Bull)”, so a Bison fits me perfectly. With the choice of colour, I set my mind on soothing green leather.

Hehku is still somewhat uncharted territory for me and I feel like I have only scratched the surface of all the wonderful features it has in store; there’s so many to explore. I highly recommend getting to know these amplifiers!