Kalle Mänttä / Bluesdrain

“I woke up some morning…” I happened to be scrolling through Blues News-magazine and set my eyes on an article, where Ile Kallio was speaking about having gotten a new Hehku amplifier. I had never heard of such a thing, but I had long been looking to purchase a new high-quality but low-wattage amplifier. So, I set on a mission to find out more about these Hehkus. I e-mailed the guys in Pori and a couple of phone calls and a quick meeting with Jarmo Välimäki in Helsinki, that ended in a firm handshake, set the foundation for the birth of Hehku Bluesnake.

I’m not a very tech-savvy guy when it comes to amplifiers and I’m probably what you would call an old-school man – Fender Pro reverb, Peavey Classic, so I wanted to stay on this familiar path that had proven itself over the years. A few weeks passed, and I got a delivery from Pori. There it was, HEHKU BLUESNAKE 5W. Awesome machine. For once, it was a pleasure to jam at home with lower volumes without having to compromise on strong tube sounds.

It is very versatile and has been in good use in both training studio and gigs, despite our drummer’s tendency to go all in with his drum set. On top of all this, Bluesnake looks goddamn great. My wife even lets me keep it on display in the living room and that’s an achievement.

It’s an honour to support high-quality Finnish craftsmanship.