Esa Kuloniemi / Honey B & T-Bones

It’s nearly impossible to get bad sound out of Hehkus.

My first guitar-amplifier was a tube radio. After that I’ve checked out a hefty number of different amplifiers over an odyssey of over 40 years, during which I have played with all the most relevant manufacturers collections which include many wonderful machines. A few that I purchased as new, but stopped using over time are now sought after due to their vintage qualities. If I have learnt anything from this, it is that along the sound the amplifiers produce, you want them to be reliable in use.

A while ago, I found myself in a crossroad of sounds in my life. On one hand, I was keen on British A-class machines and on the other, tweed-coated Americana. I started to dream of an “angloamerican” combination.

During this time, Hehku Customs approached me and suggested trying their amplifiers. I played one gig with their product and lo and behold, it offered everything I value in an amplifier in one package: intrinsically good base sound; easily receptive to effects; low wattage, but enough headroom. Why wouldn’t I get myself this kind of amplifier that is specifically custom-made for my needs?

I put my plan in action. I started discussing the guys at Hehku about thoughts on ideal sound and -design. We brainstormed intensively and quickly found common ground and so, my two new custom-made Hehkus were born. After using these babies for the whole summer of touring, I must say I’m very pleased. It seems to be next to impossible to get a bad sound out of these and I’m constantly finding new sides of them. The two work well in both big festival stages as well as smaller club-gigs. I can safely say that they are the epitome of my evolution in amplifiers so far.