The idea behind Hehku.

The Hehkus have their roots in the UK and in their 60’s amplifiers, even though they have been influenced by the American tradition as well. We have spiced things up and given them our own twist based on decades of experience with these machines.

For example, EF86-tube has a nice and warm sound, but it’s problematic for many since it tends to take disturbance from the microphone and feedback from the amplifier easily. Due to this, it is seldom used in combos. We make an exception to this – and the customer-feedback has been excellent. The tube just has to be isolated and installed thoroughly. This takes its toll on the lifespan of the tube as it heats up because of the isolation, but it’s definitely worth it for the sound. In Hehku Rattlesanke for example, the tube has been holding up several tours for many years now.

Another pretty sweet feature is an Orange-styled EQ with rotary switch. Technically it’s not an EQ despite its name, but a rotary switch with six settings – and it can be used to create some spectacular sounds. The guiding thought when designing these has been to keep the power low and allow the machine to show its best qualities. The pentode/triode-switch that halves the power and ultalinear-mode alter the sound, which some musicians have found great especially when playing for a live audience.

The idea that drives Hehku is that the amplifier and its character are born out of the discussions with the client. For instance, we can add echo or different routers with or without distortion and modify the tubes as we best see fit. You can even get tremolo, if you dare to ask for it.

Contact us, if you want to hear more about Hehku!